What Is The Purpose Of A Door Access Control System?

Whether it is your work place or your home, it is always necessary to restrict the entry of unwanted people in the premises. For this use of mechanical locks and keys had been in use for decades now but they had certain limitations. It is now possible to overcome those limitations by using door access control systems.

1, What were the limitations of mechanical locks and keys?

The main purpose of using mechanical locks and keys is to control those people who are entering some premises. The whole thing of entry and exit into premises was done manually where someone with the key controlled the operation of the lock. However, the main problem of lock and key was that there was no record of who is entering when. If the person who had the key considers and allows even someone who is not supposed to access nothing can be done. It cannot be recorded also. And this is the main limitation of the mechanical locks and keys.

Apart from that, it is possible to forge the keys. If someone wants illegal entry they can somehow forge the key and when required unlock the locks. Thus, the mechanical locks and keys although provides protection cannot make it complete. And this is where the use of door access control systems becomes so important.

2, What are door access control systems?

In simple words Door access controls are all about who, where and when? It is the door access control that is pre-defined about who is allowed to entry or exit a security gate. The areas where they are allowed is also controlled by it and the timings when they can enter and exit can also be fixed. Thus, they are the systems designed for restricting the physical entry of users who are permitted to enter and exit any place at any particular time. The goal of access control is to control the individuals who are gaining permission for entry. With this, it also becomes possible to determine the purpose for which an access control system is used.

3, What is the purpose of using an access control system?

Whether it’s a private office or high-security zone, it is very much necessary that the people entering and exiting them are controlled and that is what is done by an access control system. It is the main purpose of access control. This has been done by the brass lock and keys for years. Now the whole system has become more sophisticated. They are now electronic devices that are controlled and maintained by computers. The software is fed with different data and these access system decides whether to permit or not someone for passing through the entry. However, you will find much more access control purpose. They are discussed below.

  • Apart from maintaining the basic purpose of controlling the people using the passage it also reduces the man power that is required for controlling the entry and exit. It can be set at different key doors and that helps in controlling passage.
  • It ensures security in the premises and the main goal of access control is to minimize the risk of unauthorized access of individuals to some workplace. Whether it’s a computer data or entry and exit to a particular place, say a laboratory, with the help of access control it is possible to ensure the security of the place better than using a mechanical lock and keys.
  • An access control system also allows internal levels of security. It makes it possible to give access to one individual for any particular level and then if required cannot allow them further to any more level. This can be easily controlled with the software that will make it easier for the management to control access of their employee or even outsiders.
  • Another purpose of access control is to have a check on the time when the entry and exit is made. It makes it possible to keep know even in future about the timings when someone has taken entry or has left the premises.
  • An access control system is also used for taking control where there are multiple entry and exits. With the system working anyone can enter the premises from any point but that will be recorded in the system.

While discussing the access control purpose it is clear that an access control system is a better security system for any organization. Thus, such systems are implemented in private offices as well as government offices. They ensure that the entry and exit of individuals be that employees or visitors is not only controlled but recorded. It gives someone authorization with which they can enter at the required time without even worrying about getting permission from someone as they are authorized for doing so.

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